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Sacrament of Baptism

Baptismal Preparation Sessions for all children UNDER the age of seven (7)

Baptizing a child OVER the age of seven (7)

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Sacrament of Baptism

To begin preparation, please call Parish Office -- ph. 530-889-2254

Thank you for inquiring about the celebration of the Sacrament of Baptism for your child. In the most precious gift God gives us, our children, and accepting the responsibility to teach them all they will need to live well in this kingdom here on earth, and the Kingdom that is to come, yours is the most critical of joys and duty. As God’s People, the Body of Christ, the Catholic Church teaches each of us may be the sacrament of Our Lord in the life we live, and that is why we each have a fundamental relationship with one another as we celebrate our faith all the days of our lives.

Following is information about Baptism. In it, some aspects of the sacrament are outlined for your consideration and reflection, along with these reflection questions: are you practicing your own faith; what is your relationship with our parish; are you committed to being not only the first “teachers” of the faith, but faith’s best examples; are you going to commit to rearing your children in the practice of the faith so they may have the experience of Christ’s Presence, and so be able to choose living as a Catholic Christian, or not; are you willing to support your brothers and sisters (your fellow parishioners) by your own gifts of time, talent and treasure, so our parish may be all that it may be; etc., etc.

Please give consideration to these reflection questions. One of our priests, will be making contact with you to discuss further our preparation process (a process which involves this aforementioned discussion with one of our ministers, but also an invitation to participate in two evenings in the home of one of your fellow parishioners).

In the hope and prayer each and everyone of us will be the best disciples of the Lord, please know our parish is here to serve you in anyway we may. We need you!

Respectfully yours, in His Name and service,
Fr. Michael Carroll, Pastor

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Preparation for the

Sacrament of Baptism

For Children under the age of seven

The call....

Those who wish to receive the sacrament of baptism for their infant children should consider the reflection questions asked above. Confirming the decision the mother and father wants to share the beauty and grace of the Catholic faith with their child, the parents should call the parish office. With a warm hospitality, the names and telephone number of the family will be received, and the family will be mailed our invitation letter, a tri-folded brochure laying a foundation of what the Church teaches about baptism, and a two-sided baptismal registration form. The name and phone number will be given to one of the priests or deacons, or to the priest or deacon the family wants to work with and celebrate the baptism.


The priest or deacon will contact the family asking about baptism. In this, and follow-up meetings, the teachings and expectations of the Church regarding baptism forms the “agenda” for this part of the preparation. For example, the family will be asked about their participation in Sunday worship, how they (how why they do not) participate in our parish specifically, and what are their hopes for their child in being baptized. Please know, we only want to address these concerns with the people who are responsible for the rearing of the child. So, if the call comes from a grandparent, aunt, etc., these family members will be asked to encourage the parents to consider celebrating the sacrament by approaching the parish themselves. Depending on this discussion and sharing, a number of meetings may very well be appropriate. Factors for discussion include the faith history of the parents; confirm at least one parent is Catholic; learn if the parents are married, and if so, was their marriage celebrated in our faith---the faith they desire to celebrate with their child; learn what is the relationship the Catholic parent has with the parish; etc., etc. The goal of all of this effort is to inspire and confirm an awareness on the part of the family that baptism is the initiation of an individual into a life in the faith, which includes a commitment by the Catholic parent to participating in the community of faith with a stewardship of time, talent and treasure. When there is a basis of understanding regarding these expectations, and there is an understanding of the Church's teaching about Baptism (such as participating in worship, and what is means to be Catholic --- and not simply a cooperation with the preparation process), the family will then be invited to a family baptism preparation session.

The Priest – The Deacon

The priest or deacon will contact the family asking about baptism. In this, and follow-up meetings, there is the opportunity to form a personal and pastoral relationship. The priest or deacon will explore, in addition to what has already been described, what does being Catholic mean to them, how they participate in the parish specifically, and what are their hopes for their child in being baptized.

The Parents

The parents are expected to enter into a dialog with the priest or deacon, so as to reflect on the meanings and responsibilities of what they want for their son or daughter. They will complete the baptismal registration form, giving serious consideration regarding the responsibility and commitment involved in celebrating this sacrament. The parents will have the responsibility to return the form to the priest or deacon with whom they are working. Finally, the parents are expected to participate in the family preparation meetings, held over two sessions in one of the homes of their fellow parishioners.

The Baptism
Preparation Families

At the conclusion of their meetings/discussions, the priest or deacon will contact the next scheduled baptism preparation family, and give them the names and phone of the family. The baptism preparation family will then extend a personal invitation to the parents who want to celebrate a baptism. (Please note: the baptism preparation meetings with our families take place in every month, except for December, during Lent, or July.) At the conclusion of the sessions, the preparing family completes the baptismal registration form, and returns it to the parish office. The priest or deacon will then make contact with the family to discuss the celebration of the Sacrament of Baptism.

The Sacrament

In this next contact with the family, the priest or deacon will set a convenient date to celebrate the sacrament, either at Mass or afterward Mass, except during Lent when no baptisms will be celebrated. In setting a date, most consideration is paid to the needs of the extended family and friends for the family. Relatedly, at this time, only one baptism is scheduled per Sunday Mass, thus highlighting the uniqueness and specialness of the individual family in their offering of faith, their lives, and their child, to and with us all!!!

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Preparation for the Sacrament of Baptism
For Children OVER the age of seven

The decision to baptize a child over the age when, in our culture they would be receiving their First Holy Communion, poses several questions which need to be explored with the family. Examples: what is the nature of the unique circumstances which motivates the decision to celebrate baptism now as opposed to earlier; explore why the family feels the child is now ready; and the need to help the child begin an appreciation of the meaning of baptism, and the sense of belonging to a family/community larger than just his or her immediate family. In the preparation and celebration of the child, there will be discussions on these and many other particular issues, all depending on the life and intentions of the child and family. Please talk with one of the priests or deacons.

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